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Cheque Bounce Cases


Cheque Bouncing is a criminal offence in India and is one of the growing menaces in Delhi Courts.  Advocate Pankaj Srivastav has been practicing and handling different kind of cases in Delhi and has more than 30 years of experience.  According to Indian panel court, “the negotiable instrument act, 1881”  dishonor of cheque is a criminal offense and is punishable by 2 years of Imprisonment and monetary charges or both at the same time.

We, Cheque Bounce Case lawyers in Delhi & Cheque dishonour lawyer in Delhi, If the account holder has not sufficient funds in his account than check cannot be proceed, it is known as Check bounce. It can be a check fraud. If you are also troubling with check bounce consult us, we will send a notice to payee within 30 days with the memo received from bank and if opposite party pay the amount of bounced cheque within 15 days. If opposite party don’t pay the exact amount, check holder can file a criminal case through lawyer in an appropriate court against opposite party through Cheque Bounce Case lawyers in Delhi.

We assure you that, we will fight your case with full dedication and attention and we will win the justice for you.