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Child Custody Lawyer


Whether it is a case of divorce or you want to adopt a child, Mr. Srivastav will fight for your parental rights in Family court. Mr. Srivastav and Associates has the experience of more than 30 years in the field of law practice and has already many highlighted cases – Expert Counsels.

Parental right After Divorce

Breakdown of Marriages due to any reason not only effect partners but also affect the future of soon to be separated solemnized married couple – Child Custody Lawyer Delhi.

If you are going to separate or already separated with your partner and you have child, we will get you custody of your child by fighting a case in court according to Custody under Hindu Law/Muslim law/Christian law. Most of people believe that only mother get custody of her child but it is not correct, by keeping our facts, such as if father shows that he is more capable for the role of better parent in both parental skills and financial security or if the mother is unfit, strong father also get the custody.

Guardian ship – Grant your child’s guardianship request from court if you are not able to raise your child due to physical disability, mental incapacitation or other reason. Our services related to guardianship are –

  • Provide legal Guardianship
  • Reverse legal Guardianship or terminate a legal guardianship
  • Adopt a child that you have guardianship

We execute a durable power of attorney and a duly probated will. If there is not any will available, then spouse, parents, adult children, brothers, or family members can be appointed instead. If you want child custody or guardianship, contact us and tell us your case – Guardianship Lawyer.