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Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

Divorce- A Separation from your partner from a legally solemnized marriage because of any reason, If you want to file a divorce case, then our professional lawyers can file a case in court for you and will get you the right to remarry. Whether you want to Divorce with Mutual Consent with your Partner or it is a case of contested divorce, Void marriages, we handle all the cases professionally – Best Divorce Advocate in Delhi

Professional and Experienced Lawyer Mr. Srivastav has 10 years of experience, whether the case is simple or complicated he handles it with perfection and win the case. In India, rules for divorce are connected with the religion, such as Hindu Marriage act, including Sikhs, Jain and Buddhist, 1955, Christians India Divorce act, 1869, the Parsi marriage and divorce act, 1936, Dissolution of Muslim Marriage act, 1939, and Inter-caste or inter-religion special marriage act, 1954.

The Purposes behind the Dissolution of marriage can be Mental or Physical Cruelty by the partner, Dowry and Domestic Violence, Adultery, Desertion, Conversion, Mental Disorder, Communicable disease, Renunciation of the world, Presumption of death. If both, you and your spouse, have not been able to live together because of any reason, you can get a divorce. If you want property matters settled, our Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi will handle it for you.

About the Child Custody, if you want the custody of your child you can. Some People assume that mothers always get custody, but that is not true. Our Divorce Lawyer in Delhi will tell you that if you have strong chances to get the custody of your child and they will also fight for you to provide financial support from your spouse to raise the child if you are non-working.

Mr. Srivastav, Best Divorce Advocate in Delhi, has won all of his divorce cases by his deep and wide knowledge of the Law. He has many Methods under the sleeves to fight for justice. You can trust our lawyers completely as we don’t after your money; our main Aim is to fight every case with dutifulness to provide our clients justice. You can contact us without any hesitation.