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Labour and Employment Lawyers Delhi


With More than 30 years of Experience in all Practice Areas, Labour and Employment lawyers Delhi, Srivastav & Associates law firm is an experienced firm that handle array of legal issues such as Labor & Employment. There are many Rules and Act from Government related to Labor and Employment.

If Employee wants to sue the owner or the company/office due to any irrelevant reason, it is not pleasant for the company that utilizes and pay for resources in the company. If its potential crisis means multiple employees sue the company at same time, we can handle it with ease also. We, with our strategy, find a loop hole in employment policies to help our client. We provide legal Services to solve these employment issues –

  • Disputes between Company and Employers
  • Labour relations
  • Unjustified/Unreasonable termination
  • Execute Loop Holes in Employment policies
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Disability law or accessibility
  • Equal employment right
  • Salary & other Rights
  • Benefits and employment in transaction or re organizations

We, Labour and Employment lawyers Delhi, also provide consultation regarding-

  • Wages Law
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Employment Harassment
  • You’re Rights about hiring or leaving job
  • Privacy and other Employee rights
  • Law of Human Resources for Employers

If you are an employee or an employer and facing trouble with the opposite party, you can consult us without any hesitation. We Will Guide you. All in all, we, Labour and Employment lawyers in Delhi, all the issues related to employment, you name it and we are here to win the situation for you.