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Media Entertainment Law Firm in Delhi

Media and Entertainment law is a legal field to help their clients to understand and deal with the legal agreements, and turn the terms in client’s favor and deal the legal regulations of the telecommunications industry, information technology and all services of entertainment industry. We,  Media Entertainment Law Firm in Delhi, work for entertainment industry and for online services of IT.

We Provide Excellent Legal Services of Employment law, labor law, securities law, agency & contract, intellectual property especially trademarks, copyright, and insurance law etc. Our, Media Entertainment Law Firm in Delhi, Law Practice also consists drafting contracts, negotiation and meditation, Litigation or arbitration in case of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

Our Entertainment Media Law Services:

  • Covering Option Agreements with title issues, screenwriters, movie directors, actors, composers related to Films.
  • In Music Industry if you need Agreements for Musicians, composers, or producer’s agreements, we also handle property issues especially related to copyright.
  • We Offer legal services of Broadcasting, regulatory, mechanical license, for Television and Radio, same goes for theater and Multimedia.

All in all, we deal with Copyright, Trademark, or Infringement on Intellectual Property Matters, disputes and litigation. Plus, we also handle Taxation issues of Media and Entertainment law and other theater legal services.