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Motor Accident Claims Tribunal Lawyers ( Motor Accident Lawyers Delhi )

Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT) deals with matters related to loss of Life/property and injury Cases resulting from Motor Accidents. You can file a Case of MACT through us; we will fight for justice and Compensation so that you don’t have to suffer any longer. If you want Compensation then you must choose the best and experienced lawyer. Mr. Srivastav, the best MACT Lawyers in Delhi, in Delhi is an expert in Such Legal Services.

MACT Courts are now under the direct Supervision of the Hon’ble High Court of the respective state. In MACT Cases, if you are a minor applicant below the age of 18, you can file a case through an advocate otherwise you have options to report to MACT by yourself or through advocate in case of personal injury or property damage.

Mr. Srivastav, Experienced Motor Accident Lawyers Delhi, is handling the Highlighted BMW Hit and run case. In Advocate’s more than 10 Years Experience, he has been providing success to the clients by winning their cases and by providing them compensation from the criminal through court. If you registered an FIR or not and looking for a better Motor Accident Lawyers Delhi for Motor accident Claims, consult Srivastav & Associates law Firm. We will listen to your case and guide you in the right direction. Also, what documents you should accompany to the petition and about FIR registration. We will provide complete legal procedure consultation to you.